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Travel: Taipei (Nov 6, 2012 – Nov 9, 2012)

What is Taipei like? In short, Taipei is like a fusion between Hong Kong and Japan.  If you love food, shopping the small stuff/life gadgets then you will definitely love Taipei.  Away from the central business district is where all the fun happens, where the street food stalls are located and small shops are one next to an other.  We came to Taipei looking for exactly that.  While we weren’t exactly familiar with many of the items on the menu of these small places, the wonderful smell of the food just pushes us to be adventurous.  We also consumed many of the more common snacks such as the infamous stinky tofu, which were absolutely divine and to die for.  We also spent a day in Tamsui, a small seaside district not too far from the core Taipei.  Tamsui is lined with many interesting small shops and street food vendors that line up the main strip there.  Walking down the sea side during sunset hours yield many beautiful photos.  We felt our stay was definitely too short, next time we need perhaps a week or two so that we can venture out further into the country side.

Photographer: Ricky Cheong
Model: Elva Sun
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

M9, 35mm f2 iv, Pentax 67ii, Kodak Porta 400, Fujifilm Provia 400x

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