Review: Pentax 67ii & 105mm F2.4

I have been thinking of the Pentax 67ii ever since I saw some talented Japanese photographers putting them to great use with incredible results.  Yes much of a good photo has little to do with the equipment however the Pentax 67ii (which I will call 67ii below) just seem to give each photo it creates […]

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Carl - Hey Ricky – thanks for writing this up! I’m currently torn between the 67II and original. I prefer the more vintage look (and cheaper price tag) of the first 6×7, but with what I just read about the super accurate light meter I’m now having trouble deciding where to throw my money!

inzite - Hi Carl, thanks for dropping by may I ask you how you found my article? Anyhow, I think the real question is whether you will find alot of use for the excellent aperture priority mode on the 67ii. Since I use mine for a number of different situation, most namely to take pics of my daughter when she starts moving around and us going on trips I find the ease of shooting a 67ii indispensable. I guess if you shoot straight portraits an old 67 might be ok for your use. Do keep in mind that these pentax 67 are big bodies. :) let me know if you have further questions.

Carl - Hey Ricky, thanks for the reply! I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I believe I ran across your article from a Google search – I was looking for reviews on the 6×7 and 105mm 2.4. You make good points regarding the Av/Ap mode. I have yet to pull the trigger and purchase a 6×7 of 67II (still) and revisited your article to inform my decision once more. For me, I’m mainly looking for a portrait camera, so I’m leaning torwards the 6×7. It’s also closer to my shooting style, as 99% of the time on my 5D I’m on Manual mode. And, of course, the 6×7 is cheaper. My dilemma now is lens based. For portraits I’m shooting with narrow DOF, so the 105mm 2.4 seems perfect. However, I’m worried about it’s minimum focus distance of 1 meter, so now I’m debating between the 105 and the 90mm 2.8. I prefer wider lenses for my portrait shooting style. I appreciate your feedback! -Carl

inzite - Hi Carl, sorry for the late reply. I think the 106 and 90mm in terms of view angle is quite similar. If you are looking something wider for portrait perhaps you can try to hunt down a 75mm F2.8. If you are using M mostly on the 5D already then I guess a 6×7 would fit your use already. :)

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