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Review: 28mm Super Perar Tpirlet

After a little bit over month of manufacturing and shipping, we finally took deliver of this small lens.  We knew we had to get one when we first saw it!  This little thing makes the m9 so compact and convenient for our everyday shooting.  This lens is made by hand in Japan by lens maker Mr. Miyazaki, yes, hand made just like how they make Leica lens.  The main reason to get this lens is because currently we do not have any 28mm lens in our Leica bag and we find the 35mm not quite wide enough for most scenarios.  Upon receiving this lens, it felt almost just like a body cap but was very solidly made.  Mounting this lens to the m9 took a bit of effort as the mount was quite tight but once it is on it feels that it is a part of the m9.  We have never worked with 28mm prime before so it was quite refreshing to shoot at that focal length.  With the maximum aperture of F4, the shutter could get a bit slow indoors but as long as the subject is still, shooting at slow shutter speeds is definitely doable.  In terms of the lens image quality, the centre of the frame is very sharp!  The four corners appear soft but that is as expected for such a small design.  The softness at the extreme corners does not bother us that much.  The Color tone and bokeh for this lens is fair.  We have been shooting this lens alot since its arrival and it turns out to be everything we expected.  It goes quite well along with other focal lengths such as the 50mm asph summilux.


Photographer: Ricky Cheong
Model: Elva Sun
Location: Toronto, Woodbine Beach

Leica M9, 28mm Perar Super Tpirlet F4

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