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Engagement Session: Chris & Joanne (Apr 27, 2014)

A beautiful day indeed!  C&J and I have been waiting so long for this shoot to happen and it was definitely worth the wait.  Together we were able to reinvent the idea of shooting at Main street, Markham.  As many fellow photographers or clients would know, this little strip of land in Markham is almost always bustling on sunny weekends and have provided the backdrop to many photos for couples/newly weds in the area.  With the help of this lovely couple, I was able to help them capture photos that belong to them.  Thank you Chris & Jo for all the laughs and hard work that day, I really look forward to photographing your wedding later this year!

Photographer: Ricky Cheong
Location: Main Street, Unionville
Nikon D800E, 28 F1.8 AFS, 50 F1.4 AFS, 105 F2.8


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