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Review: Leica 50mm F1.0 Noctilux

The Noctilux is simply one of the most interesting 50mm prime lens in the photography world since there are not many lens with a larger aperture or as unique of a bokeh. Ever since I first found out about this lens online I have been longing to get one someday but it just simply felt […]

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Review: Pentax 67ii & 105mm F2.4

I have been thinking of the Pentax 67ii ever since I saw some talented Japanese photographers putting them to great use with incredible results.  Yes much of a good photo has little to do with the equipment however the Pentax 67ii (which I will call 67ii below) just seem to give each photo it creates […]

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Review: 28mm Super Perar Tpirlet

After a little bit over month of manufacturing and shipping, we finally took deliver of this small lens.  We knew we had to get one when we first saw it!  This little thing makes the m9 so compact and convenient for our everyday shooting.  This lens is made by hand in Japan by lens maker Mr. Miyazaki, […]

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