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About Me

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Simply put, I love Photography.  I love capturing those small moments in life in a big way!  Photography is always a part of my life since my early childhood, being the youngest child in the family I always found myself in front of the camera, it was not until I got my first camera that I realized I was really passionate about being behind the camera.  Being able to express my thoughts and ideas with photos instead of words is truly empowering.  I began to take more and more photos eventually I realized my focus and interest was in photojournalism.  From there I developed my photo-journalistic style which includes minimal intrusion/disturbance to my subjects but at the same time utilizing natural lighting to help tell their story.  To me, it is not entirely about how many photos will be delivered to you but rather telling your story in the best and most complete way.

Please feel free to use the contact section to discuss further.


For my fellow photographers:

In My Bag… for work…

Nikon D3
Nikon D800E

14-24mm f2.8
28mm f1.8
50mm f1.4

105mm f2.8
200mm f2.0

In My Bag… for fun…

Leica M9
Leica M6
15mm voigtlander f4.5
35mm summarit f2.5
35mm summicron pre-asph  f2.0
50mm summilux asph f1.4
50mm noctilux f1.0
75mm summarit f2.5

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