Review: Leica 50mm F1.0 Noctilux

The Noctilux is simply one of the most interesting 50mm prime lens in the photography world since there are not many lens with a larger aperture or as unique of a bokeh. Ever since I first found out about this lens online I have been longing to get one someday but it just simply felt […]

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OlympusUser - Dear Ricky,
I saw your pictures on the ECPZ and know that you are using a Leica 50mm f1 V3. I love the characteristic and bokeh of this lens very much, so after searching for a few months, I got my Version 3 50mm f1. My question is if the lens can use a E60 filter and still the original hood can be put on the lens. As I put on a B+W E60 filter, the diameter of the hood is slightly smaller than the filter. So at this moment, I can only put on the filter without the hood or put on the hood without the filter. Would you tell me what brand of filter you are using and still can put on the hood at the same time.
Send my best wishes to you and family.


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